Healthy Bones Australia would like to introduce you to the 3 main elements that are needed to build and maintain healthy bones throughout your life:

Calcium + Exercise + Sunshine

All 3 components are vital for healthy, strong bones - you can't just focus on one. In this section we hope to answer all your ‘how’ questions.

The links below will help you to find out more about these 3 bone-benefical elements - how you can get them, how much, how often and how they actually work!

  • Calcium

    More than half of all Australian adults do not meet their recommended daily intake for calcium  Calcium is the major building block for bones. It’s deposited as a crystal onto our bones and gives them their hard...

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  • Exercise

    Weight bearing exercise builds bones Exercise is essential for everybody. When we exercise, our muscles pull on our bones, which in turn build bone. Hence exercise builds stronger, denser bones. As a rule of thumb, 30 minutes of...

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  • Sunshine

    Enjoy a little Sunshine Vitamin D forms in the skin when it is exposed to UVB radiation that is present in sunlight. While there are some foods that contain Vitamin D, it is difficult to get the required amount from diet alone....

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  • Tips for healthy bones

    Tips for healthy bones Here is a quick reference to all the hints and tips on our Healthy Bones Australia website

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