Calcium Tips


Serving idea

Amount of Calcium

Dairy & Soy products are calcium rich

Aim for 3 serves per day

Add a layer of spinach to your lasagna

½ cup of spinach (100g) = 50mg/ca.


Add chickpeas or other legumes to casseroles, curries or salads.

1 cup (200g) chickpeas = 90mg/ca


Snack on almonds throughout the day or add some to your breakfast cereal.

¼ cup (50g) almonds = 110mg/ca

Make a fresh orange juice

3 medium oranges = 105mg/ca

Look out for fortified orange juices to help boost your intake.

Choose Tahini as a dip and swap some of those crackers for broccoli florets

2 tablespoon (40g) Tahini = 130mg/ca

1/2 cup (60g) of broccoli = 18 mg/ca


Baked beans are a great breakfast alternative or add them to your taco filling or nachos

½ can (212g) baked beans = 72mg/ca


Add plain yogurt to soups or curries.

2 tablespoons low fat natural yogurt = 122mg of calcium


Have a reduced fat latte for morning tea

A medium latte made on reduced fat milk (400ml) = 506 mg /ca


Swap your toast for a bowl of cereal with milk for breakfast

250ml of reduced fat milk = 352 mg/ca

Look out for fortified cereals to help boost your intake.


Make a salmon salad for lunch or try a salmon, cream cheese and dill sandwich

100g of tinned red salmon = 220mg/ca


Make a fruit smoothie using strawberries, low fat yogurt and skim milk

1 cup strawberries (145g) = 19mg calcium

1 std tub plain low fat yogurt (200g) = 316mg/ca

1/2 glass reduced fat milk (125ml) = 176mg/ca 

Add dried figs to your lunch box

6 dried figs = 160mg/ca

Use tofu instead of beef or chicken in stir-fry recipes or consider using tofu in salads or soups.

40g tofu = 128mg/ca


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