Common Calcium Questions

Calcium Supplements

This program recommends healthy eating across the 5 basic food groups to achieve your daily calcium requirement.

  • However, if you’re currently on a bone treatment program and have been prescribed a calcium supplement, you should keep taking it as prescribed by your doctor or health professional.
  • If you can’t get enough calcium in your daily diet and keep missing your bone score target, you should discuss the option of supplementation with your GP or dietician.

The Calcium Tracker within the Healthy Bones Australia Calculator will allow you to include calcium supplements if you’re taking them. All you need to do is enter calcium supplements as a food item and the amount of calcium you are taking in milligrams (mg).


Can some things interfere with my calcium absorption?

Yes, even if we eat all the right calcium rich foods, some things can interfere with the calcium being absorbed. These include:

  • inadequate vitamin D
  • diets high in phytates (found in cereals, bran, soy beans, seeds) and oxalates (found in spinach, rhubarb, walnuts) can interfere with calcium absorption
  • being treated with steroids long term (e.g. prednisone and prednisolone)
  • coeliac or kidney disease


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