How Much Calcium is enough?

So you'd like to know how much calcium you actually need in your daily diet?

You may have heard of the Recommended Dietary Intake for Australians (RDI's) which are an indication of how much of certain nutrients you need per day.


Specifically for calcium, how much you need depends on your age and gender:


Recommended Dietary Intake for Australians


Age (yrs)


Children 1-3 500mg/day
  4-8 700mg/day
  9-11 1000mg/day
Teenagers 12-18 1300mg/day
Women 19-50 1000mg/day
  51+ 1300mg/day
Men 19-70 1000mg/day
  71+ 1300mg/day
Pregnancy* 14-18 1300mg/day
  19-50 1000mg/day









Source: National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia



The Healthy Bones Australia Calculator makes tracking your individual daily intake of calcium very simple - aim for a calcium score of 5 each and every day.


* Please note that as per the NH&MRC guidleines the Healthy Bones Australia Calculator does not increase the requirements for calcium during pregnancy.

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