How much Sunshine is enough?

The following table is a good guide:

Recommended Sun Exposure for Vitamin D based on Location

Exposed area: arms or equivalent amount of skin surface



Dec - Jan

(at 10am OR 2pm ^ST)   


July - Aug

(at midday)          

Northern Townsville         5 - 7 minutes 7 minutes
  Cairns 6 - 7 minutes 7 minutes
Central Brisbane 6 - 7 minutes 10 minutes
  Perth 5 - 6 minutes 15 minutes
Southern        Sydney 6 - 8 minutes 15 minutes
  Adelaide 5 - 7 minutes 20 minutes
  Melbourne 6 - 8 minutes 25 minutes
  Hobart 7 - 10 minutes 30 minutes
Adapted from Vitamin D and health in adults in Australia and New Zealand: Position Statement 2012
Times are a general guide only, based on averages which can vary depending on weather conditions and individual responses.
^at  11am or at 3pm during Daylight Saving Time

To make things easier, the Healthy Bones Australia Calculator works out if you’re getting enough daily sunshine exposure to produce enough vitamin D:

  • It takes into account factors such as your age, location in Australia, what time you were in the sun and for how long.
  • It tracks your history of sunshine exposure as sunshine has a cumulative effect over time.

If you’ve had enough daily sunshine, you get a big tick!


Disclaimer: There is a school of thought that people with darker skin require greater sun exposure for vitamin D absorption. eg 15 - 60 minutes during summer and 20 minutes to 3 hours during winter (depending on the latitude). At present the Healthy Bones Australia Calculator does not take this into account


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