Partnership Benefits

To the best of our knowledge such a program hasn't been undertaken before

Yes there is a plethora of campaigns, websites and apps that look at diet or exercise and sometimes both. However Healthy Bones Australia combines three critical aspects to a healthy Australian lifestyle; eat well, exercise on a regular basis and enjoy the great outdoors in a sun-safe manner.


Whilst single minded in it's focus on improving the bone health of all Australians, it is a program that is not singularly focussed on one lifestyle aspect.


Consider the possibilities when you align your brand to this positive, engaging program:

  • Brand alignment to a fun, innovative, positive campaign
  • Brand exposure on key communication material
  • It's a unique, interactive, measurable campaign that merges three key healthy lifestyle factors
  • An additional touchpoint to reach your key target market
  • Enage your customers with your brand on a daily basis through our Healthy Bones Australia Calculator and mobile site