Health Funds

Join our prevention campaign and improve the bone health of all Australians.

By 2020 it is estimated that one third of all occupied beds in Australian Hospitals will be due to a fracture.

This has severe implications for the Health Industry on all levels.

If we can convince Australians to begin looking after their bones then the likelihood of this figure coming to fruition will be minimised, but we need your help.

As a not for profit organisation Healthy Bones Australia and it's parent, Osteoporosis Australia, rely on the support of it's partners.

There are many ways in which we can work together:

  • Membership programs
  • Community service campaigns
  • Key marketing initiatives

Healthy Bones Australia welcomes the opportunity to discuss a corporate relationship with your business. Please contact our Business Development Manager on (02) 9518 8140 to discuss all partnership opportunities.