Bone health is important to every one at every age.

It's so important to start looking after your bones from an early age. We know that by the age of 20 bones are at their peak bone mass. That is why it is so important to start early with our kids.

Still in the concept phase, Healthy Bones Australia is seeking a partner to assist in extending our program into both public and private schools.

Our vision is a program that:

  • Supports the current personal development and health curriculum
  • Provides useful and interactive tools for teachers and student use
  • Builds awareness of the 'need to' and knowledge of 'how to' look after your bones
  • Is fun, engaging and extends the conversation of healthy bones into the home.

If this is something that your organisation would like to become a part of please contact our Business Development Manager on (02) 9518 8140 to discuss all partnership opportunities.