Get involved – record, track and share

The first step is all about you – understand your bone health and get familiar with Healthy Bones Australia. Start to incorporate bone health activities into your daily life. Feel good about taking action and being in control of your bones.

This is a great start but as you may have already figured out, things are always more fun when you’ve got company. Lots and lots of company…

So the next step would naturally be to share it with other people! Tell others about Healthy Bones Australia and the importance of bone health. Talk about your experiences and support your friends and family along the way. We all want to lead active, full lives.


The Healthy Bones Australia Calculator

The Healthy Bones Australia Calculator was specifically designed so that you can keep track of how well you are looking after your bone health.

There are so many variables to consider for each of the (3) key elements of Calcium, Exercise and Sunshine. By simply registering, the Healthy Bones Australia Calculator takes all of your individual variables into account automatically, making it easy.

Our mobile optimised site allows you to keep scoring when you are out and about. Log your bone score whilst catching the bus, during a lunch break or straight after your gym workout.

Register now and start looking after your bone health today!

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  • Spread the Word

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