Healthy Bones Australia is a national public awareness program with a key focus on prevention. Our aim is to improve the bone health of all Australians, and to help everyone lead a fit and active lifestyle throughout their life.

Our Healthy Bones Australia vision is for all Australians to understand and actively embrace their bone health at every age. We know that bones are at their maximum density around the age of 20, hence it’s important to make sure they reach their capacity during childhood and continue to stay strong through to old age.

Good bone health is dependent on three key elements: CALCIUM + EXERCISE + SUNSHINE. Unfortunately you can’t just focus on one component. You must do all three on a regular basis to maximize your bone health.

All sounds too complex? Not at all!  The concept of Healthy Bones Australia is to provide you with a simple tool to help manage your bone health on a regular basis… Once you register and get going it should only take a few minutes a day. We also have some handy hints and tips inbuilt to help you along the way.

The key is for you to aim for a Score of 10 PLUS a sunshine tick everyday, and our new Healthy Bones Australia Calculator will help you to do just that.

It will also be useful to look out for foods that are displaying the Healthy Bones Australia Score on pack when you go grocery shopping - these will give you an indication of how much calcium per serve these products contain. You can then use our Healthy Bones Australia Calculator contained within this website to keep track of your bone score , we even have a mobile version to help you keep track whilst you are out and about! 

Any much-needed funds acquired through corporate sponsorship and licensing agreements for Healthy Bones Australia will be used for further consumer education programs specific to Healthy Bones Australia. The reality is that we need funds to help us convince as many people as possible to look after their bones so that more people can lead a healthy active life! 

  • About Us

    Healthy Bones Australia is an initiative of Osteoporosis Australia Healthy Bones Australia is a national public awareness program with a key focus on the prevention of osteoporosis. An initiative of Osteoporosis Australia,...

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  • Background

    It’s time to get these skeletons out of the closet! Did you know that poor bone health costs Australia an estimated $1.9 billion per annum* through medical treatment, rehabilitation and patient support? It’s sad but...

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  • Key Elements of the Program

    Easy to access and simple to adopt, our tools will help you build healthy bones for life!    A simple program to help you and your bones… The Healthy Bones Australia Website and the Healthy Bones...

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  • News and Events

    Healthy Bones Australia will aim to keep you updated with our latest events and activities.

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  • Healthy Bones for Kids

    Did you know that bones reach their peak bone mass by your 20's? This is when bones are at their strongest. Strong healthy bones assist children to reach their optimum growth level. This is why it’s so important that your...

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    Osteoporosis Australia.

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