Healthy Bones for Kids

Did you know that bones reach their peak bone mass by your 20's?

This is when bones are at their strongest. Strong healthy bones assist children to reach their optimum growth level. This is why it’s so important that your bones are looked after from the time you are born.

Just like adults children need all (3) key elements for Healthy Bones. Calcium + Exercise + Sunshine.


If your children are aged between 4-8 years they should aim to have 2-3 serves of calcium-rich foods each day to reach a total intake of 700mg/day.

Older children (9-11 years)  and teens (12-18 years) should aim to have 3 serves of calcium-rich foods each day to reach a total intake of 1000-1300 mg/day. This is their period of rapid bone growth.


Running, jumping and skipping are all simple everyday activities that your children probably enjoy already. Younger children are doing this everyday in the school yard and don’t even know that they are doing a great job looking after their bones.

For teenagers it’s a little harder, after all you have to pull them away from their ipod! Get them to access their own Healthy Bones Score and share the results with their friends, maybe they can send out a challenge to their friends to get them all going?


Yes …get them outside. We all need a little sunshine, approximately 5-10 minutes during summer, and for longer periods in winter. Start today to build strong healthy bones.

Exposure in summer is recommended at mid morning or mid afternoon  (i.e 11am or 3pm daylight saving time). Avoid peak UV periods.
In winter larger exposure time is required and probably at midday.