Key Elements of the Program

Easy to access and simple to adopt, our tools will help you build healthy bones for life!


 A simple program to help you and your bones…

The Healthy Bones Australia Website and the Healthy Bones Australia Calculator were specifically designed so that you can keep track of how well you are looking after your bone health. We understand that it’s not always easy to keep track of how much calcium you are consuming, how much weight bearing exercise you are doing and how long you’ve spent outside in the sun every day.

Add to that the many variables that you need to consider for each of the (3) key elements of strong, healthy bones: calcium, exercise and sunshine and it starts getting way too complex to even think about.

The thing is that bones are a vital support system to our bodies and if we don’t look after them from an early age we risk all sorts of complications later in life.

So we devised a solution - our Healthy Bones Australia website and calculator.  By simply registering, the Healthy Bones Australia Calculator takes all of your individual variables into account automatically, making it easy to give you your Healthy Bone Score.

Aim for a score of 5 for calcium + 5 for exercise + a sunshine tick and you will be well on the way to building healthy bones for life!


Our Healthy Bones Australia Calculator is available for your mobile phone. Simply put into your browser and select the mobile site version.

Our mobile optimised site allows you to keep scoring when you are out and about. Log your bone score whilst catching the bus, during a lunch break or straight after your gym workout.

Click here to check out our Healthy Bones Australia Calculator!