GiveNow Week 2016

This week is GiveNow Week and Osteoporosis Australia (owners of Healthy Bones Australia) are asking you to get on board. GiveNow week takes place around Australia at the beginning of December each year to focus attention on the many ways that individuals, families, businesses, and groups can make a difference to the community in the lead-up to Christmas.

Apart from the tradition of Christmas, the holiday season is about giving. This year why not give to a cause that helps the community via GiveNow. Osteoporosis Australia has a vision of Healthy Bones for all Australians. Your support can help make a difference to the bone health, both now and in future generations. Over 1 million Australians have osteoporosis and over 6 million have low bone density. The disease can result in broken bones. Help us prevent poor bone health. Your donation will allow us to continue to support are awareness and prevention campaigns such as our Healthy Bones Australia website and calculator.

Osteoporosis Australia is registered with GiveNow so this GiveNow Week and jolly season you help those with osteoporosis.

Donate here: 

Healthy Bones Australia GiveNow Week