Cook for a Cure 2013


"Cook for a Cure is a nationwide community event running for its third year throughout August 2013. By cooking and sharing a meal of treat, Australians will be able to choose and support a research area they are passionate about, in order to find new cures and treatments"

Through your support, Osteoporosis Australia is seeking to fund a research project aimed at improving the bone health of young Australians.

We know that adolescents, particularly those aged between 14 and 16 years old, are most at risk of not meeting their daily requirement of calcium, which is essential for healthy, growing bones. The ‘Healthy Bones for Young Australians study aims to understand whether an early ‘Healthy Bones’ intervention program, which aims to measure the level of calcium among adolescents, could help to change behaviour towards bone health and raise awareness about the importance of calcium in our diets. 

The Healthy Bones Australia website, being launched as part of the project, is designed to allow users to keep track of how well they are looking after their bone health.  This project will track 100 school children (and their parents) to learn how best to improve bone health in the critical early years of bone development and growth.

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