Our Ambassadors are SCREAMING for Halloween

Support from our Ambassadors

Our fabulous team of Ambassadors are getting behind our scream and helping to break the silence on bone health in Australia.

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"I'm a keen member of  the Scream Team and am so pleased to support this great cause. I grew up playing competitive sports, so from an early age I understood the importance of food and exercise. Now with my focus on food, I'm even more aware that the types of food we eat can affect different aspects of our bodies like our bones! With so many people not understanding the need to look after their bone health it's time we started shouting out the healthy bones message."  Andy Allen Masterchef Winner and all-round foodie.




"Given my interest in all things healthy, including eating well and exercising, being part of the Healthy Bones Australia Ambassador Team makes perfect sense. This October I'll be shouting out to help more Australians learn about the importance of keeping their bones in top shape, for the rest of their lives. Please support Scream for Halloween and start fundraising now. " Susie Burrell, Dietian and writer




"When playing for the Swans I loved to hear the support of those screaming out from the grandstands and now it's my turn. This October I'll be screaming out to raise the awareness of osteoporosis and its prevention. Come on Australia it's really is easy. Organise your own Halloween event or make a donation; get behind Healthy Bones Australia." Jude Bolton, Swans great and media commentator


   "It's with much excitement that I have teamed up as part of the Healthy Bones Australia Scream for Halloween Campaign. With longer life expectancy it is important for us to take better care of our health and wellbeing. As a mum of three I also understand the need to start looking after their little bones from a very young age. Through this fun initiative we're calling out for your help, to fundraise and raise awareness." Elka Whalan, Olympian, mother and presenter.


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