Reasons to love your bones

Our bones are responsible for many of our body’s crucial functions, including movement, organ protection, production of blood cells, storage of minerals, and support for the rest of our body.

Not looking after your bones can increase your risk of breaks and this can impact on your health. A break can affect your quality of life and even cause severe pain or disability.

Poor bone health can largely be prevented through following some simple bone-specific recommendations, so get on the path to healthy bones today!

  • Bone Basics

    Strong bones are like the foundations and support walls of a building If they are strong, the building is strong and can weather all sorts of conditions for many years. Healthy, strong bones enable us to lead long, healthy,...

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  • Clare's Story

    Clare's Story “It was a big shock to be told I have osteoporosis when I was only 19.” Clare McInnerney, 21, was diagnosed with Osteoporosis at age 19, a confronting discovery for the third year psychology student. "I...

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