Bone Basics

Strong bones are like the foundations and support walls of a building

If they are strong, the building is strong and can weather all sorts of conditions for many years. Healthy, strong bones enable us to lead long, healthy, active and independent lives.


Bones have several important jobs, they:

  • Protect our soft, internal organs, like our brains and lungs;
  • Contain marrow where blood cells are made;
  • Store minerals like calcium; and most importantly
  • Support the structure of our bodies so that we can maintain an active lifestyle.


Healthy bones are important for everybody, at every stage of life. 

  • For children, strong healthy bones assist in reaching their optimum growth level. Bones reach their peak bone mass by their 20's, which is when our bones are at their strongest.
  •  For adults, strong healthy bones mean you can maintain your bone density and a lead fit and active life well into old age. Who wants to be that frail elderly person who can’t enjoy a game of golf when they retire? Strong bones reduce the risk of breaks occurring later in life.
The good news is that you probably already do most of what you need to keep your bones strong. This program is about being aware of your bone health and tweaking certain things you probably do already.


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