Clare's Story

Clare's Story

“It was a big shock to be told I have osteoporosis when I was only 19.”

Clare McInnerney, 21, was diagnosed with Osteoporosis at age 19, a confronting discovery for the third year psychology student. "I was really surprised because I've never broken a bone or had problems with my bones."

With no history of Osteoporosis in her family, Clare was sent for extensive blood tests to see if there were any underlying conditions that were affecting her bone health.

Confirmed as a regular healthy young woman, with no other health issues, Clare admits that she probably wasn’t eating many calcium rich foods and was avoiding the sun to protect her fair skin.

Under the supervision of her specialist Clare is now exercising to strengthen her bones through weight-bearing exercises, consuming more dairy products and getting more sunshine for vitamin D.

As a spokesperson Healthy Bones Australia, Clare’s message to her peers is simple; “Your bones matter, whatever your age, so take care of them. And listen to the messages about calcium, vitamin D and exercise!”